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Lombok as a tourist destination, both foreign tourists (Wisman) and tourist archipelago (wisnu) has been known since very long. Progress NTB tourism sector exceeded projections UNDPdengan presentase visits of foreign tourists and 281% of tourists visit the archipelago of 86%. In 1991 (Communication Forum for Tourism, 1993) since the 1990s NTB tourism sector, particularly on the island of Lombok is significantly increased up to 1997 when India and Asia in general was kerisis monetary. Tourist traffic, especially from Asian countries decreased dramatically. This condition does not persist in 1999, the tourism sector began to show kegairahannya hinga bomb in 2000 when the island of Bali that as the icon of tourism. Declining tourism activities on the island of Bali is the influence of tourism on the island of Lombok, for almost all foreign tourists who visit Lombok is the tourists who come and visit to the island of Bali. Places of tourist attractions that tourists visited previously many good foreign tourists and wisatawann nusantara be a quiet place and quiet. Hotel, restaurant, café, art shop, travel agency, does not have the most productive economic activities that are significant. Asongan traders who are usually scattered menjajakkan cindera eyes as if has been extinct. Various parties have competence in the tourism sector is hit with the situation. However, with the spirit of life that they are continually trying to find a solution to overcome the problem that is so complex. Together with the Government, the tourism actors perform a variety of revitalization efforts through the promotion of tourism sector both nationally bersekala more more international. Some time after the various pembenahan, 2003 year-end tourism sector on the island of Lombok kegairahannya start to show. Regional tourist destination starting in the busy tourist who visit peningkatannya more days the more significant. Supporting facilities of tourism has begun to serve travelers who need services, such as transport, consumption, accommodation, and telecommunications. The workers have started to do tourism activities such as usually even crawl labor tourism has increased so that it can reduce unemployment, in short time this sector of tourism has appeared muali sign marks towards the better. 2. Opportunities Lombok2.1 Tourism Development Support Phisical: Infrastructures, Objects and Power Pull WisataPariwisata covers many aspects, among others, facilities and infrastructure, such as hotels, travel, restaurant, the airport representative, and so forth. Object and the attractiveness of tourism, such as natural beauty, cultural attractions, and diversity of flora and fauna. All of this is a potential that can be used to support the growth and development of tourism in a region. Availability of facilities and adequate infrastructure is the smooth activity of tourism in a region. For the availability of facilities and infrastructure are eksesibilitas tourists will need to do activities during the tour will be the case with mudah.Demikian object and appeal as a tourist other important factors that are not less with the facilities and infrastructure. Natural beauty and charm of unique tourism is one of the reasons for tourists to visit areas such as kesuatu Senggigi beach with a beautiful carpet pasirnya, Sekotong beach with clean white sand, beaches with Kute specific sediment bebatuannya is a very great potential value to the development of tourism Lombok . Similarly with Gili Trawangan and Gili meno beauty with a marine park under the (blue coral), Gunung Rinjani with Danaunya, Forest Sesaot the diversity floranya and more tourism object other objects that have been well identified and are still diekslorasi. All of the property as a capital for the development of tourism chili. 2.2 Social Support, Perceptions, Keramah tamahan, Arts, Culture and Masyarakat.Mengembangakan tourism sector does not, of course, irrespective of social conditions of a local cultural community. If a daerak who only want to promote tourism memperhatiakan physical factors only, then tourism will be running with a limp even tend stagnant. Karean by the community and cultural aspects should also be diperhatiakan. This is as reveal by the Burn (1995:113 – 115) that is a source of cultural and commercial value as well as buday community that can not be changed. Socio-cultural aspect is how the perception is, keramah tamahan, history, arts, culture and community in Lombok, which can be developed to support the development of tourism. In general, public perception Lombokterhadap the existence of tourism didaerahnya can be positive. This is evidenced by a study conducted by May (2005:95 – 96) take the public can already receive Lombok tourism industry comes in the middle of the community, especially people who live around the places the tour. This is evidenced by their dependence on this sector is quite large. They can create events such as a tour guide, a café, craft industries, and others who can make money. Similarly with the community leaders, they had become a promoter for kesiapannya Tourism in Southeast Asia and East Tangah denagn goals you want to promote religious tourism. Factors keramah tamahan population or community support is very smooth disuatu tourism activities for the region, friendly people who can provide comfort to the tourists as well as arts and culture is a factor supporting the tourism and not least, if managed correctly it will become a tourist attraction that interesting . Besides the beauty of Nature, destination tourism destinations in Indonesia are generally known as the uniqueness of art and culture (marpaung, 2002:165). On the island of Lombok, for example, there is a diverse artifak art, art as dance, art and music, and art gerabah. Rudat Dance is one of the dance that has a typical Lombok attraction for tourists. Similarly with art music drum Beleqnya that always exist at the time of the event Nyongkolan and festifal festifal annual cultural other. That is not less interesting art is very attractive Gerabah by foreign tourists because of the unique and model.


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  1. jadi pingin ke sana mas :D

  2. Belh aja cz kita juga berterima kasih klo ada yang tertarik ke pulau kami pulau Lombok

  3. India has many travel destination but lodha casa mumbai is amazing coast to visit for travelers.

  4. Very nice tourist destination.

  5. Hi there

    We visited Lombok on a P&O cruise recently (Feb 2010); some general thoughts:

    a) People turned out in the hundreds to sell/bater services and items, mostly out of control and swamped the visitors to a point that many wanted to go back early – greater control and regulation is required

    b) General rubbish management is a major concern for Lombok, Bali and Komodo. Many tourists on the trip commented on this. Early control is critical for the sake of the local community, health and long term tourism.



  6. hai slm knl….

  7. Hey Juga……!!!!!

    dan sala kenal balik….

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